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Here at i-Labor | Labor Software, we are dedicated to you and all your different labor relations software needs.

We've been around for over 16 years and we currently handle case tracking for nearly 1 million employees. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 

Benefits You Will Enjoy with i-Labor:

Knowledge Base

  • 24 Hour Setup Time
  • Ongoing field customization as needed.
  • Track multiple case types.
  • Upload Documents. 
  • Central Online Storage.
  • Online User Guide and Video Tutorials
  • Computer, Tablet, Smartphone access.
  • No hardware or software to install.
  • Timeline/Deadline Auto email notifications.
  • Simple to Learn and Train for your Labor Relations/HR Staff.

 i-labor at a Glance

Some of our wonderful clients:

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Taking Care of Your Business

It's hard to know just how your employees issues and cases need to be tracked and what you should be tracking and documenting. But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions.  Call us at 800-213-1974. 

Choosing Your Software Provider

We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine what type of software you should get and what type of benefits roll along with it, but now it's easier than ever to determine what to get.  Call i-Labor for a free consultation

  • Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Campbell Soup Co.
  • Sick, Inc.
  • Salt River Project
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Wayne County Community College District